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Junior pupils

Library:The Mombasa Academy library provides a rich resource of research materials for all academic subjects and also a wide range of fiction for all ages. Within the library we have an ICT facility which students use for research. The library provides a quiet and comfortable environment for private study.

ICT facilities

Our ICT lab is equipped with computers running Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft office 2007 software packages. The Administration block, Staffroom, Library and Junior school have access to the network through WiFi and cable. Laptops and projectors are available for use in classrooms.

Science Facilities

There are four laboratories, two physics, one chemistry and one biology. Each laboratory is fully equipped with all necessary equipment for experiments in all year groups.

Swimming Pool

Junior pupils

The Mombasa Academy swimming pool is a 25 metre pool, half Olympic size. It is suitable for serious swimming training. The pool is used by all students and top swimmers in the Coastal region.

Other Sports Facilities

We are fortunate enough to have extensive sports facilities :

  • Two basket ball courts
  • One netball court
  • Two tennis courts
  • One small and one large sports pitches for &colo;
    • Football
    • Rugby
    • Rounders
    • Hockey
    • Cricket
    • Athletics
  • Multipurpose hall with two squash courts. The hall can be used for all indoor sports.

Audio Visual Room & Dance Studio

This facility is used for drama club, LAMDA and dance.The AV room is fitted with a TV, DVD - player and a whiteboard projector which is used in various academic subjects. The multipurpose hall has a stage and is used for various school plays and theatre productions.

Junior pupils

Music Room

There are a wide variety of instruments our students can use;

  • Percussion instruments :
    • Shakers
    • Drum set
    • Xylophone
    • Cymbals
  • String instruments &colo;
    • Acoustic and Electric guitars
    • Acoustic and electric pianos
    • Keyboards
  • Wind instruments: recorders
  • Drum-set
  • Music P.A. System


Junior pupils

A healthy balanced meal is provided by the school canteen.