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Library Policy

  1. Students should enter the library in a quiet and respectful manner.
  2. Library users should refrain from any behaviour or conduct that disturbs the library’s environment.
  3. All students should keep the noise level to a minimum so that library users may read and work on assignments without being distracted.
  4. Food and drinks are not to be brought into, nor consumed in the library.
  5. Bags should be left outside the library.
  6. NO mobile phones are allowed in the library.
  7. Library users must not treat any library materials, equipment or property in a careless or destructive manner.
  8. Student use of the computers and internet has to be school related and appropriate. Internet privileges will be lost if students attempt to access inappropriate sites.
  9. If students wish to use the library during study periods, written permission is needed from the member of staff who has assigned the work. The note should clearly state the reason for being in the library.
  10. Library users may borrow one book for two weeks at a time.
  11. The book can be renewed for a further two weeks, if it has not been reserved by another user.
  12. No additional books will be loaned to students with overdue books.
  13. A fine of kshs.2/- will be charged per day after the due date.
  14. Books lost must be paid for or replaced.
  15. Repeated losing of books may result in loss of borrowing privileges.