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Mombasa Academy

Preparatory School

The Preparatory School is within the main school campus but in a separate block from the Secondary School. The pupils are able to make use of extensive facilities such as the Library, Science and Computer laboratories, the main hall and the Art room, whilst remaining secure within their own surrounding.

The Preparatory School is a close community where the aim is to develop a stimulating environment in which pupils can succeed both academically and socially.

Regular assessments take place in the form of half term and end of term tests, and end of year internal examinations.

We offer Edexcel International Primary Curriculum and all pupils in Class 6 sit for the External Examinations in English, Mathematics, Science and Computing.

Extra Curricular Activities as well as regular homework are an important part of the pupils’ education.

As part of their moral development each Form takes a turn to perform a ‘Theme of the week” at the weekly Junior and Preparatory Assembly. Also a pupil from each Form is awarded “Pupil of the Week” certificate for any targets set out at the beginning of the term.